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Released in store Feb 3rd & Online Feb 4th

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Feb 3rd online and in store at 11am MST


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Limber Disc Golf is founded on a love for the outdoors, comradery and community. We are staunch about providing the highest quality disc golf products and accessories. Limber is run by disc golf wizards, just like you. See you out there!

A selection of discs to satisfy your collection cravings. From the newbie to the “I have too many discs but can't stop collecting” to the “maybe this disc will help me throw further” to the “buy a disc to make you feel better about your last round” type player. Get exactly what you want and in good time.
Our quality apparel comes from a mix of small, local, Canadian companies. We want what’s best for you and our own backyard, so we do the research and buy from the best. We’re dedicated to doing apparel differently. Check it out and look good while you play!
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