Limber New to You


  • Please note that you would receive more value for your discs if you sell them privately. Limber is being completely transparent about this process.
  • We reserve the right to refuse discs due to stock/duplicates/unsalable.
  • Only store credit will be provided (via-email)
  • In store only. Discs will not appear on line. 
  • Base Plastics will only be accepted if in great condition (6/10 = 9/10 premium).
  • We are happy to donate your discs below this threshold to the Calgary Jr. Program.
  • We will not be cleaning discs or wiping sharpie off your discs. Therefore dirty and inked discs will be graded on how they are presented.
  • If you are caught selling Lost (no attempted returned) or stolen discs you will lose used disc program privileges and will be publicly shamed (JK but seriously please don’t!)
  • Discs are graded upon receiving them. See below for grading guidelines. If store is busy we will not be able to do this day of. 

    9/10 = Thrown once or twice, uninked ($8 store credit, sell for $19.95)

    8/10  = Lightly thrown, (depends on condition) ($7 store credit, sell for $17.95)

    7/10 = Obviously thrown, inked ($6 store credit, sell for $15.95)

    6/10 = Scuffed and scratched, strictly cosmetic damage ($5 store credit, sell for $13.95)

    5/10 = Knicks and scratches. No major dents or deformations of disc shape ($4 store credit, sell for $11.95)


    Thanks guys!