What is Limber about?

Limber Disc Golf is founded on a love for the outdoors, comradery, and community. We are staunch about providing the highest quality disc golf products as well as everyday wear apparel. We are run out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains. However, we are for players and persons of all types and places. We love where we are from and we are here to represent that and grow our awesome sport of disc golf.

How to Identify a Limber Pine Tree?

Pinus flexilis - A small, scrubby, twisted tree with short limbs, usually 5 to 10 metres high; the lower branches on older trees become very long and drooping but with upturned tips. It looks similar to whitebark pine, but limber pine has larger cones.


Needles occur in bunches of five, 3 to 9 centimetres long; bluish-green and clustered at the ends of twigs.


Seed cones are large and cylindrical, 8 to 20 centimetres long; they are yellowish-brown, and the scales are thickened and sticky towards the tip. The seeds are nut-like and almost wingless.

Where to find

It occurs only at higher elevations on the western foothills of the Rocky Mountains.