mission of Limber lift

To prop up individuals in our Calgary and surrounding area disc golf community. To see them succeed in personal growth and in growing the sport.

2023 Limber Pincones

Sprout (under 17)

Jackson Pease - Well known in the community and already runs one of the most sucessful weekly leagues in the city (Glow Doubles Friday at Baker!) with a focus on inclusivness, charity, and growing the sport in Calgary. One of the up and comers in Calgary and we quote "one of the furthest throwers in the city, if not the province"! We lookforward to you being a Pinecone this year!

Jack (18-24)

Josh Meijndert - An active member of the CDGC, Airdrie Disc Golf Club and the Calgary University Disc Golf Club. He is known to offer free lessons to his community in an attempt to increase membership numbers. Which is pretty great considering last year he went to World Ams in the US! Should be a great year! Thanks for being a part of Limber Lift.

Lodgepole (25-39)

CJ Sutton - Everyone loves CJ! He feels a strong responsibility to the community focusing on giving back and growing the sport. He ran the mentor/mentee CDGC program for the 2022 season. Is part of the CDGC and Airdrie Disc Golf Club. Last year at Falcon's Flight he not only played but volunteered after his rounds. Anyone who has played can recognize how much work that is! Super stoked to have CJ on the Limber Lift this year!

Pinecone (Female)

Cayley Cox - She finds new friends: before, during or after just about every round. She is a delight to be around and wants to share the game with everyone she meets. Involved with the CDGC Women's League. She really enjoys playing ourdoors and brings a real wold mother's perspective to the disc golf community. Yay Cayley!

Pinecone (Female)

Michele Wellsby - a professor at Mount Royal university where she reaches and conducts research related to child development. She has been known to support and encourage the women she plays with in the womens league and is a hard working member of the disc golf and Calgary community. Glad to have you aboard!

Limber (40-59)

Nathan 'Nifty' McLean - A great member of the greater disc golf community. Always out throwing discs, making new friends and encouraging new players. Will be a cornerstone in the up and coming Cochrane Disc Golf Club and some new courses going in. Nifty both throws and drives (car) yellow Supras and in talks with carstairs Burger Baron for sposorship. Welcome Nifty!